About Us (why do we do dog treats and dog coats?)

We are a small business setup by dog lovers who want the best for our pets and would love you to have the best for your pets too. Our dogs get to go on a lot of adventures so when planning our trips it is not just our own snacks we have to think about, but theirs too.

Our dogs will eat whatever we give them (perhaps not always their dinner). When it comes to treats there are so many on the market that we are often spoilt for choice, but not all are healthy when you check  some of the ingredients. 

So we decided to do our homework and found that actually there are plenty of GOOD natural dog treats out there if you know what to look for. This is why we have setup this website; all treats on our site are healthy and natural.

All the treats have been tested on our dogs and while there is always going to be one fussy one who prefers one thing more than another they still seem to go down a treat!

Don’t be put off by the appearance of some of our products as they may look unappealing to us humans but dogs love them.

We also make our own homemade treats. Let us know if you would be interested in these too.

Out and about

Walking dogs can cover all sorts of terrain and if your dog truly enjoys having fun out and about you can guarantee that like children they can come back to you in quite a mucky state on a wet day. This is why we came up with the brilliant idea of the terry towelling robe (dog coat). It comes in so useful for keeping the car clean or drying the dogs off while visiting places such as the pub after a long walk.


Please check it out.


 There are some health and safety items that we have also included such as flashing LED pendants and flashing LED dog collars. We also provide useful tips and information that may be of interest. 

We hope you find this site useful.